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My America

United States | Drama | 6m 43s


Tuesday, June 26, 12:00pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


Written by Jamel Davall and Anna Jones, My America is a six-part web series released one-a-day leading up to the November 8 election in 2016. It tells the story of Lucian, a black artist and Uber-driver, and Carmine, a retired white police officer visiting his son in Los Angeles. Over the course of a week, each man, seemingly so different, experiences a parallel journey confronting personal and political challenges amidst the contrasting value systems of today’s America.

Inspired by the impassioned level of heated debate in the run-up to the election and their own experiences in Uber, Jamel as a driver and Anna as a passenger, My America confronts some of the nation's biggest issues on a deeply human level. Through the use of the Uber experience as a chance for unforeseen chance interactions, the show is written for an audience as diverse as its characters.


Jamel Davall & Anna Jones


Anna Jones & Asaad Kelada


Jamel Davall, Anna Jones, Sophia Jennings & Roweena Mackay


Jamel Davall & Anna Jones

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