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Patricia Moore

Australia | Drama | 00:20:00


Tuesday, June 26, 12:00pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


The Moore’s, a family of cannibals, travel around the outback from town to town, keeping out of the hands of an ancient cult they’ve escaped from. Daughter Patricia, 16 years old, is the family bait to lure in healthy young men for Uncle Richie to kill. A body in the freezer hidden beneath their customized campervan can keep them all nourished for at least a week. But when the freezer breaks down the family is forced to stay in Charlton, an idyllic lakeside town to target fresh food. Patricia then finds herself fascinated by Toby, a local teenager, and as Patricia tries to secretly appease both her family’s homicidal needs and the blooming romance with Toby, her desire to live a normal teenage life leads to a bloody tragedy for all. 


Blake Fraser


Blake Fraser


Mathieu Van de Velde, Brian Cobb, Augustin Bernard, & Chris Thompson


Blake Fraser


Danielle Cormack, Marlo Kelly, Less Hill, & Joe Klocek

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