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The Green

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Tuesday, June 26, 4:15pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


The Green, created by Sophia Loffreda and Shea Mayo, is a single camera adventure comedy that chronicles the bad bitch baby adventures of 10-year old BFFs Cherry Cake (Nadia Reyes), Franny (Ava Doré), and Starla (Trinity Johnston) as they discover the mega-meanie teenage underbelly of their suburban town. Franny and Starla have just made the elite soccer team but the trio's fearless leader, Cherry Cake, didn’t make the cut, which means her life might as well be over. But when the girls find a bag of marijuana on the soccer field after practice, they hatch a foolproof plan to sell the greenery to the town's fabled drug dealer, the Puff Daddy (Hank Freeman). The series is about three little ladies who suddenly find themselves as strangers in a strange land. When you’re a little kid, high school seems like a foreign country—and our girl gang is about to infiltrate hostile territory. At its heart, The Green is a show about female friendship, ambition, and being a 10-year-old girl in the wild wild west that is 2017. It’s The Sandlot meets Breaking Bad with 10-year-old girls in cleats.


Sophia Loffreda & Shea Mayo


Sophia Loffreda


Sebastián Bisbal Rivas


Shea Mayo & Sophia Loffreda

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