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Forward Impact Project

Developed in partnership with the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP)

SeriesFest and the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) are proud to partner to launch the Forward Impact Project, a year-round initiative designed to help finance, produce, release, scale and build an audience for 12 select independent series deemed ready for development and production. These series will be selected in collaboration by IFP and SeriesFest and will include long-form, digital and international projects.

The Forward Impact Project will take place on September 19, 2018 during IFP Week in NYC. The Forward Impact Project will present the 12 selected creators with the opportunity to pitch to and receive feedback from a curated group of key industry players, including financiers, network executives, distributors, and producers. The creators will then take one-on-one with meetings with the professionals in the room to help advance their projects.

In addition, each creator will be paired with a Forward Impact Ambassador, a successful IFP or SeriesFest alumni or industry professional that will serve as their mentor throughout the program, and invited to participate in special events at both IFP Week (September 15-20, 2018) and SeriesFest: Season 5 (June 21-26, 2019).


Additional Forward Impact Project Opportunities:

  • Complimentary VIP badges to both IFP Week and SeriesFest: Season 5
  • Invitation to attend curated special events at SeriesFest: Season 5, including:
    • Creative Workshops
    • Panel & Discussions
    • Screenings
    • Networking Events
  • Roundtable discussions with Industry Executives both at SeriesFest and IFP Week
  • One (1) Creator from the project selected will receive:
    • Accreditation to IFP Week, which includes admission to the Screen Forward Conference
    • One-on-one meetings scheduled with appropriate industry representatives participating in IFP Week
    • Annual IFP Digital Membership
  • Participation in the pitching sessions at IFP Week on September 19
    • Pitching Training included

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