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Leading filmmakers, creators, industry influencers, and actors sit down to discuss today’s most pressing issues and hottest topics.

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Less is More: The Rise of Short Form Entertainment

Wednesday, June 28 | 12:30pm | Fries Theater

Inside Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets

Wednesday, June 28 | 3:45pm | Maglione Theater

Books to TV: Navigating the Pages

Thursday, June 29 | 2:15pm | Fries Theater

VR 1.0: Basics and Inspiration

Friday, June 30 | 2:00pm | Fries Theater

Women in Entertainment

Saturday, July 1 | 3:45pm | Fries Theater

No Walls Here - Going International Is A Future Wave

Friday, June 30 | 3:45pm | Fries Theater

In Conversation with Mark Herzog, David Rivera, and Lizzie Fox

Wednesday, June 28 | 5:00pm | Fries Theater

SAG-AFTRA New Media/TV Contract Workshop and Q&A

Saturday, July 1 | 12:00pm | Clasen Theater

Understanding Diversity: A Two-Part Panel

Thursday, June 29 | 5:45pm | Fries Theater

Denver to London: Storytelling Forum

Friday, June 30 | 11:00am | Fries Theater

Writing for Reality: How to Create in Virtual Space

Saturday, July 1 | 2:00pm | Fries Theater