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Special Events

Presenting an essential lineup of World Premieres and Sneak Previews, SeriesFest offers audiences a first look at tomorrow’s must-see television. Plus, join us for special live events, extended conversations, original programming, and more.

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The ‘Visionary in Media’ Award Presentation to Krista Smith

Friday, June 30 | 5:30pm | Fries Theater

Adult Swim’s Decker Season 5 Finale

Saturday, July 1 | 5:45pm | Fries Theater

Award Winners Showcase

Sunday, July 2 | 2:00pm | Maglione Theater

Storytellers Initiative Live Read

Friday, June 30 | 7:00pm | Maglione Theater

Field of Vision - New Cinematic Journalism

Wednesday, June 28 | 6:45pm | Fries Theater


Thursday, June 29 | 10:30am | Maglione Theater

New Voice Crowdfunding Rally Special Presentation

Thursday, June 29 | 4:00pm | Fries Theater

Pillow Talk- Season Two

Wednesday, June 28 | 8:45pm | Fries Theater

A Sneak Preview Double Feature: EastSiders + When the Streetlights Go On

Friday, June 30 | 9:00pm | Maglione Theater

Closing Night! NBC's The Brave

Saturday, July 1 | 8:30pm | Cable Center Theater

The Eyeslicer

Wednesday, June 28 | 10:45pm | Maglione Theater

Colorado Stories

Friday, June 30 | 2:15pm | Maglione Theater