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Pilot Competitions

Each year the SeriesFest community of emerging talent, established artists, and industry professionals gather to celebrate the innovative work of independent content creators. Pilot Competitions are curated programs designed to highlight cutting-edge episodic content that is independently written, produced, and directed. Official selections of the Pilot Competitions will screen during SeriesFest: Season 8 (May 5-11, 2022).

SeriesFest: Season 8 submissions open on September 21st, 2021. Finalists will be selected and notified in early April. Best of luck to all the creators that are submitting!

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Storytellers Initiative: Collegiate Writing Competition

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SeriesFest is looking to discover creative, fresh writers at the collegiate level. What excites us most for this cycle is the opportunity to explore series with a strong point of view and bold characters from the next generation of storytellers. In order to qualify, interested writers must be enrolled in a college or university program and are encouraged to submit pilot scripts with episodes running between 15–30 minutes (minimum 15 - maximum 30 pages) and a Series Format Deck.

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Level Forward Impact Award

SeriesFest is excited to partner with Abigail Disney's Level Forward to present a brand new opportunity for creators applying to the Independent Pilot, Digital Short, and Late Night competitions!

In its second year, this award will be given to the episodic pilot and team who demonstrate, on top of their commitment to creative excellence, a thoughtful, thorough, and deliberate approach to using storytelling as a means of leveling the playing field for Women, Black, Indigenous, Latin, Asian, Disabled, LGBTQIA+, geographically, socioeconomically, or otherwise diverse voices who have been historically overlooked, ignored, or exploited. The selected winner will work with Level Forward to develop their series, pitch, and work together towards setting it up with a distributor. By rewarding intentional art and process, the Impact Award incentivizes dual value creation – financial and social - as contemporary measures of success.

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