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Colorado Stories

A World Premiere Event

Special Events

United States | 52m |


Friday, June 30, 2:15PM - 3:30PM | GET TICKETS


Q&A with Creators Kyle Eason, Brock Predovich, Steve Hall, Nick Thiel, Kyle Cowling


Join us for a community-based special event, featuring local talent, fresh voices, and extraordinary stories. The program includes two world premiere screenings and conversations with the filmmakers.


Startup Story

Creators: Kyle Eason, Brock Predovich, Steve Hall, Tom Hoch Jr.

USA, 30m

Startup Story is a compelling documentary series about an All-American boxer turned serial entrepreneur and a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who team up to make dreams come true but find themselves in a fight for their lives that eventually takes the boxer to the new center of the global economy in Asia.


Spectrum (Episode 1)

Creators: Nick Thiel, Kyle Cowling

USA, 22m

In the first episode, This Is Home, we meet 15-year professional Supercross and Motocross racer Andrew Short. In 22 minutes, you will be taken on a bit of a roller coaster that is Andrew’s life—from personal difficulties such as his young son Hudson's health to professional difficulties such as not performing to the best of his abilities, this special series provides an intimate portrait of everyday people.



Startup Story: Kyle Eason, Brock Predovich, Steve Hall, Tom Hoch Jr. | Spectrum: Nick Thiel, Kyle Cowling

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