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United States | Comedy | 27m


Companion is a comedy following the dysfunctional world of Nick Foster, a sober coach who makes his living keeping the rich and infamous on the straight and narrow.  Babysitting A-list addicts and boozy B-listers may seem like an easy gig, but for Nick, it’s anything but that. In this pilot episode, we meet disgraced NBA superstar, Jay “J-Train” Tyrell. After being arrested at the Red Roof Inn with drugs, guns and transvestite prostitutes, his career and life are on the outs. Enter Nick, who’s hired to keep him out of trouble and get him back on track.  Will Jay keep his nose clean or will he be derailed by lady drama, his ego and the glare of the unforgiving spotlight? Nick is Jay’s last line of defense between relapse and redemption. Companion is a brand new take on the “treatment” story that takes it out of the closed world of rehabs and puts it into the public eye.


Matt Ferrucci & Nick Mouyiaris


Matt Ferrucci


Angela Calero


Nick Mouyiaris & Matt Ferrucci


Michael Marc Friedman, Ray Stoney, Kareem Grimes, Lauren Compton

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