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Do The Voice

United States | Comedy | 13m


Tuesday, June 26 4:15pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


Do The Voice is a six- part satirical comedy, mixed with a sprinkling of a musical, about a still sexy middle aged woman. Lori Alan, a famous voice over star- so charming and lovably neurotic, it takes several episodes before we begin to realize she just may be having a modern day, feminist “mid life crisis”. After her world gets turned upside down from a horrible breakup with a much younger man, she rebuilds her self esteem, relationships, career, and love life.  Lori finds her purpose, relevancy and her tribe.  We are thrusted into her world as she is forced to play the toughest role of her career...50, and maybe, just maybe even lovable in Hollywood.  It’s Fleabag meets My Crazy Ex Girlfriend with a smattering of The Comeback.


Lori Alan & Fia Perera


Darren Stein


Lori Alan, Fia Perera, Darre Stein, Ryan Lacen, & Paul Iacono


Lori Alan & Fia Perera


Lori Alan, Mindy Sterling, Phil LaMarr, Mo Gaffney, Paul Iacono & Drew Droege

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