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Howard High

United States | Musical | 43m


Tuesday, June 26 4:45pm -
Clasen Theater | BUY TICKETS

Sunday, June 24 1:15pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


In Los Angeles, no school struggles more than South Central’s Howard High. Set to be closed soon due to low attendance and abysmal test scores, its vibrant student body does whatever it wants, its teachers don’t care, and its jaded principal just quit. 

 A new principal, Frank King, arrives full of belief and hope. His love for Howard High started as a first-grade student and continued all the way to graduating with honors. Frank and his wife are full of anticipation as they await the arrival of their new baby, and are excited to settle down in a place where Frank believes he can make a difference in the community. On his first day, he realizes the immensity of the challenge ahead of him, including the news that the school board intends to close the school at the end of the year. Amongst the chaos of the first day of school, Frank stumbles on something else: the students of Howard High have musical talent. Lots of it.

 Howard High brings to life an original score and talented cast in this family-friendly musical series.  


Chris Stokes & Marques Houston


Chris Stokes


Damaine Radcliff & Ian Robertson


Chris Stokes & Marques Houston


Brian White, Marques Houston, V Bozeman, Shondrella Avery, & Chrissy Stokes

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