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Hysterical Women

United States | Comedy | 20m58s | Colorado Premiere


Tuesday, June 25 11:00am -
Fries Theater | BUY TICKETS

Sunday, June 23 5:00pm -
Fries Theater | BUY TICKETS


Hysterical Women is a dark comedy about gender in the workplace, in our current political and sociological climate. It follows Alexa, the overlooked co-founder of a music marketing firm as she realizes that her buddies in the office might not be such good guys. The women of the office are ready for a revolution. Will Alexa have the guts to do anything about it? Can she be the leader they need?


Whitney Uland & Nora Kaye


Whitney Uland & Nora Kaye


Whitney Uland, Nora Kaye, Changito Perrito Production, LLC, Jon Uland, Jean & Ken Cation, Jeb S Puryear, Jan & Mike Reed, Jill Uland, Ellen Kaye, Sally Spooner & Ed Stroz


Whitney Uland & Nora Kaye


Whitney Uland, Nora Kaye, Madeline Grey DeFreece, Megan Masako Haley, David Park, Matt Walker, & Angela Oh

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