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United States | Comedy | 20m


Saturday, June 23 7:00pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


Toddumentaries is the story of Todd and to understand Todd, you must first understand Todd’s creator and overlord, Clive. Clive is a highly advanced organic life form called a Xenophorb that originated in the Trillion Nebula. Clive travels the galaxies in his spaceship, the Trion Noodle, in search of the origin of life. He is accompanied by an enslaved Dilastrobe from the Zurill sector he calls Kevin. Clive’s travels have brought him to a planet inhabited by what he calls “meat sacks.” After studying the primitive planet, he comes to a startling conclusion: The pinnacle of all organic existence can be found on planet Earth — in high school! Now that Clive has found what he has spent his entire life searching for, it’s time to initiate his “Big Plan”. He creates a replica “meat sack,” Todd, and beams him to Earth. Clive controls Todd through a telepathic connection and in doing so it allows Clive to feel the unique pleasures of the high school experience. Clive’s plan unfolds without issue until Todd meets Casey and learns what love is.


Christina Parrish


Carl Stoneking


Alex Ybarra & Carl Stoneking


Christina Parrish, Carl Stoneking & Cody Dearing


Kyle Sweeney, Haley Alea Erickson, Sanjay Rao, Taylor Stewart, Christina Parrish, & Justin Soileau

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