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Israel | Drama | 00:23:00


Friday, June 22 3:00pm -
Fries Theater | BUY TICKETS

Sunday, June 24 1:00pm -
Clasen Theater | On Sale Soon


Katharsis illuminates the reality of high-tech and complex morals in contemporary Israel. Israel is under long-lasting and increasing pressure from the global community regarding its methods of investigation. The Israeli Ministry of Defense desperately seeks a solution, which leads to the discovery of an invention called Katharsis. The Katharsis software was created and programmed by Gili, who has succeeded where many others have failed. The software is able to convert consciousness into visual content. Katharsis not only allows people to explore their own true self but also projects an image of the user’s mind. A plug into Katharsis gives two different experiences; one is as an explorer and the other is as a spectator. 

At home, Gili and his traumatized girlfriend, Jenny, share a unique and unhealthy relationship. Gili has often tried to help Jenny who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The only thing which seems to improve her mental state is sessions on Katharsis. Jenny was not only the initial user of the software but also the first to become addicted to it. What Gili and Jenny don’t know is that Ya’el, a secret agent of the Ministry of Defense, is monitoring them. Ya’el is convinced that Katharsis could replace old and violent methods of investigations. Having zero trust in the authorities, Gili refuses to assent Ya’el’s attempts to get a hold of the futuristic software. The Ministry of Defense is not the only entity who is interested in the software. Gili is working in a small startup company, owned by Igal. Together they try to sell Katharsis as a cutting-edge technology to companies worldwide. A major corporation is showing interest in using Katharsis software as the next generation of home entertainment consoles.


Niv Samban


Niv Samban


Nir Stir


Niv Samban


Daniel Selitser

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