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Kitchen Little

United States | Unscripted | 12m


Tuesday, June 26 4:15pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


Who says kids can’t rule the kitchen? In Tastemade’s critically acclaimed show, Kitchen Little, we hand over the culinary reigns to the next generation of sous-chefs. Pairing the country's top chefs with regular kids to see what happens when you give complete control of a kitchen to someone who can barely see over the counter! 

In Kitchen Little, kids watch Tastemade recipe videos before heading to the kitchen then instruct professional chefs on the recipe they saw, from memory. Without a written recipe, the name of the dish or an ingredient list the chefs have to do exactly what the kids say; unsurprisingly, the food doesn’t always turn out as expected.

Chef Brooke Williamson may be one of the youngest female chefs in the biz, but 8-year-old Chef Dylin is here to school her in the art of "sushi burrito" making. Together they’ll see if they can “roll” with the recipe to recreate this first-rate fish dish!  Adorable Chef Gia may only be 6-years-old, but recreating a popular cauliflower recipe from memory should be a cinch with the help of her assistant, legendary chef, Curtis Stone. And when Gia hears there are cookies in the kitchen, she's that much more determined to do a good job.

Hilarity and deliciousness ensue as the kids and chefs roll up their sleeves to see if they can chop, cook and come together in the kitchen to recreate tasty treats! Kitchen Little strives to show that even the greatest cooks in the world can learn new tricks and that cooking and creating together, regardless of experience level, is what it’s all about.




Clenet Verdi-Rose


Jay Holzer & Elina Brown


Curtis Stone, Brooke Williamson, Eric Greenspan, Nyesha Arrington, Richard Blais, Ludo Lefebvre, Gia Davis, Eli Kaplan, Mila Kember, Emmersyn Fiorentino, Dylin Rodrigo, & Elmo

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