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Please Understand Me

United States | Comedy | 8m 21s


Tuesday, June 26 2:15pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


Purpose-fully mismatched comedians are placed into a counseling sessions with real therapists. The therapist tries to conduct a counseling session while the comedians describe the insanity of their pre-fabricated relationship right in front of their eyes. 

We will listen to absurd date stories, offbeat sexual histories, uncomfortable moments, fights, and literally anything the comedians do or say in the moment. Nothing is off limits in these relationships as the therapists struggle to give their professional advice and keep up with their absurdity.

As the sessions unfold, the stories come to life in the form of stylistic re-enactments, giving the audience a picture of this world in which anything can happen.


Ahamed Weinberg & Steven Feinartz


Ahamed Weinberg & Steven Feinartz


Ahamed Weinberg, Steven Feinartz, Sarah Silverman, Amy Zvi, Daniel Kellison, Max Broude, Nicholas Veneroso,Yoni Aviram, & Jace Armstrong


Ahamed Weinberg & Steven Feinartz


Punkie Johnson & Ahamed Weinberg

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