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Digital Shorts Series Competition

United States | Comedy | 14m |


Tuesday, June 26, 2:15PM - 3:30PM | GET TICKETS


Seeds is a web series that offers a candid and hilarious look into the lives of young black women as they transition from young women to adults, featuring four millennial-aged characters: Beth, Danielle, Jade and Maya. These women do not appear as caricatures of themselves, but instead as three-dimensional characters speaking freely on the internal and external conflicts they face as they discover who they are. The narrative touches on intersectionality and the struggles women face whose identities are not neatly defined. Seeds is proud to be part of the recent trend in new media to create diversity in the digital world, both on and off-screen. Not only are the show’s lead characters women of color, but the team behind the show is made up of filmmakers of various ethnic, religious, and gender identities. It is a masterful balance between humor and honesty that leaves audiences pondering tough questions, and laughing to tears the next. Simply put, this comedy features content that is both relevant and necessary while presenting a view of society from a perspective that is often overlooked.


Deja Harrell & C.J. Thomas


C.J. Thomas


Iman Sharabash, Deja Harrell, C.J. Thomas, Luke Boyce, Brett Hays, Ashleigh Coartney, Anthony Cabral, Jason Knade, Jeremy Marder, & Tyler Myles


Deja Harrell


Deja Harrell, Kyra Jones, Dionne Addai, & Adia Alli

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