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Shiny Baby Goats

United States | Comedy | 23m


Friday, June 22 3:45pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS

Sunday, June 24 3:30pm -
Clasen Theater | BUY TICKETS


Comedy series, Shiny Baby Goats, takes its name from a music sample that can be played on a keyboard to sound like shiny new baby goats frolicking in the shimmering sunshine. It follows Frances, a female film composer, and Jude, a community activist, in their quest to apply their talents to the world. Complicating matters is the emotional rodeo of a living situation they’ve moved into. Frances helps housemate, Leslie, navigate her romantic pursuit of another housemate Marcus, until she finds out their rendezvous are not what they seem, raising questions about sexual consent. Fed up with the menial work and casual sexist comments of her assistant job, Frances reaches out of her comfort zone to do the messy work of finding her voice and self-starting her career, culminating in a hot mess of a musical performance. Aiming to help the poor and challenge social norms, Jude’s activism exposes her to the real needs and complex problems of her community which rub against her cheerful quick-fix ideas, forcing her to check her own privilege. Shiny and new to the real world, these Baby Goats (kids) are watching their pie-in-the-sky dreams and heartfelt ideals break against the rocks of reality. Expect bad cocktails, homemade drum kits, and obscure literary references as they pick up the pieces.


Alice Nicholas Wood


Alice Nicholas Wood


Alice Nicholas Wood & Jeff Waldron


Alice Nicholas Wood


Amanda Viola, Jennifer Daley, Mary Lou, James Skinner, Jayme Andrews

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