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To expand our horizons, to see the world, to invite the opportunity for inspiration, we must travel. Exploring new places and seeing new things frees us from the everyday to enable us to see the world in a new light. Marriott Content Studios sent four artists around the world in search of inspiration and experiences to fuel their creative passions. Powered by our loyalty programs, each artist embarked on a personal journey to destinations like Japan, Italy, Spain and Peru. Their stories illustrate a shared human experience and bridge our differences to create a common universal language through art.
StoryBooked shared with consumers around the world the benefits of loyalty to Marriott through the experiences and stories of real members. With 30 brands in over 110 countries, loyalty to the Marriott portfolio enables travelers to be truly present wherever they go, enriching their travel experiences. The StoryBooked content series goes deep into telling member stories through a cinematic documentary approach, letting the characters and their stories be the hero, while our loyalty programs empower them to take their journey. This series was all about celebrating members and generating travel inspiration to go beyond the tactical benefits of our programs. The series also focuses on the emotional connection of travel as a reminder of why these artists became a member in the first place and how travel plays a powerful role in our own life stories. Marriott members were able to display through art and the series their inner dialogue as well as physical pieces, and how these destinations and experiences impacted them. Our key message for this campaign was, “No matter where your own story takes you, by being a loyalty member, you are inspired and empowered to fulfill it through travel.”
Our goal was to drive loyalty member engagement outside of the stay occasion by making them feel inspired by Marriott and its loyalty programs. We also set out to establish the Marriott loyalty benefit of delivering personal fulfillment through travel.


Marriott Content Studio


Shern Sharma


Marc Battaglia, Nick Buzzell, Mike Buzzell, Kate Pfetsch, & Carmen Simon Rubio


Jake Strasser

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