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Independent Pilot Competition

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Independent Pilot Competition

Friday, June 30, 4:15PM - 6:00PM | GET TICKETS

Independent Pilot Competition

Saturday, July 1, 4:15PM - 6:15PM | GET TICKETS


Q&A with Alison Greenberg, Katie Shapiro & Ricardo Baca

Subculture is a thoroughly modern exploration of our evolving relationship with drugs, legal and illegal, and how these substances have left their marks on regional cultures throughout history. With the authenticity and wit of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, the integrity of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Weed documentary series, and the candid spirit of Hunter S. Thompson's early writings, Subculture host Ricardo Baca’s acclaimed journalistic curiosity tells the narrative of real people, local foods, and misadventures in travel as the normalization of global drug culture continues to evolve.

When Baca launched The Denver Post’s influential website The Cannabist in 2013, he built a national staff of reporters, critics, and columnists and pioneered the way big media approached marijuana journalism in the legal era. After 15 years at Colorado’s newspaper of record, Baca resigned in January to launch his own content agency and freelance for the likes of the The Daily Beast and Esquire. His work at The Cannabist earned him international notoriety, and after hosting more than 100 episodes of his weekly talk show and podcast and authoring thousands of articles, Baca was named one of the Seven Most Powerful People in America’s Marijuana Industry by Fortune magazine in 2016.

So what’s Baca's next move? In this provocative new docu-series, host and journalist Baca tells stories that illustrate the culture of substances globally, a.k.a. the Subculture. As he investigates the biggest drug policy changes of our lifetimes, he also dissects the recreational trends that are redefining our relationships with these drugs and researches the ancient rituals central to some of the world’s most historic cultures.

From the zero-tolerance drug policy of the Philippines to Portugal's experiment with full-on decriminalization, Subculture embraces this fascinating intersection of time, place and substance to tell the most gripping narratives out there—from Bay Area startup execs microdosing LSD to Ayahuasca practices of ancient Peruvian spirit guides.


Mitch Dickman


Mitch Dickman, Jaymee Johnson; Alison Greenberg MIllice, Brian Johnson, Katie Shapiro


Ricardo Baca

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