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Tammy's Tiny Tea Time

United States | Comedy | 11m


Saturday, June 23 7:00pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


Tammy’s Tiny Tea Time exists in the fractured psyche of a middle-aged woman whose refusal to grow up has resulted in a life spent talking to inanimate objects (and a dying box turtle) in her parents’ house. The toys, who are only alive in Tammy’s mind, try in vain to get her to move on and live a normal life, but Tammy just wants to have fun! In each episode, the gang enjoys a lively chat, game, or Freudian meltdown, before it’s time for Tammy’s Tiny Toons, which consists of several animated short films by various artists. They’re dark, bizarre, and unforgivably crude.


Peter Gulsvig


Daniel Shepard, James Belfer, Adam Belfer, Peter Gulsvig, & Diana McCorry


Daniel Shepard & Diana McCorry


Rachel Butera, Nate Corddry, & Peter Gulsvig

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