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The Oversharer

United States | Comedy | 00:08:30


Tuesday, June 26 4:15pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


The Oversharer  is a scripted short comedy series about a refreshingly, relentlessly optimistic woman with no filters, no boundaries, and no idea how uncomfortable she's making everyone around her.

In the series, we follow Jackie, an incredibly friendly woman, who says exactly what’s on her mind and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, as she navigates her daily life. She talks to strangers and friends about her husband’s hemorrhoids, a crank shaft dildo and piano teachers with wandering hands. She asks if all men like anal sex, shares her experience with butter and realizes the perils of camping with a single man with crabs.

Jackie became a mom at 40. She’s lost touch and doesn’t know it. She’s been isolated, staying home with her son, and her brain has gotten a bit fried being pregnant. In addition, she’s lost her filters - to the extreme. She and her husband aren’t connecting, she hasn’t been working and she hasn’t been getting drinks with friends. Now that her son is in school, she’s finally going back out into the world and talking to everyone she sees in order to make a connection. She has no idea she’s putting people off or shocking them. She’s sweet and raunchy at the same time. 


Jacqueline Mazarella


Ali LeRoi & Gren Wells


Jacqueline Mazarella & Kali Londono


Jacqueline Mazarella


Jacqueline Mazarella, Maggie Wheeler & Steve Howey

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