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The Tankhouse Theater

United States | Comedy | 8m


Tuesday, June 26 2:15pm -
Maglione Theater | BUY TICKETS


In this 8-10 minute digital mockumentary guaranteed to tickle diehard theatre nerds and fans of workplace comedies alike, we follow Tucker Charlamagne and Sandrene St. Jean, two urbane New Yorkers, as they attempt to earn their place in the stars by building a theatrical mecca on Danby, New York. Like so many would-be thespians, Tucker and Sandrene both failed as actors in NYC after graduating from NYU. Rather than admit defeat, they channel their frustration into a project just monumental enough to sustain their sense of denial: to build a new theatrical Mecca in the tiny, unsuspecting town of Danby, New York.

After acquiring the old Tankhouse brewery building (with a generous donation from Sandrine’s hedge fund manager Dad), they found The Tankhouse Theater. Over the course of casting, rehearsing, and performing their inaugural production of an experimental The Sound Of Music, Tucker and Sandrine work out their own personal issues, while the actors, townies, and viewers themselves attempt to answer the question, “if a play fails in the forest, does anyone really care?”

The largely improvised pilot for this series was shot in two hours, a process which was possible due to the longstanding friendships and collaborative partnerships of the cast. Improvisation and ensemble work, considered key components of successful theatre production, will also be key in this series.

Broadly, this is a story about the tragedy of ambition. The feeling of worthlessness when you try and fail, that they don’t tell you about when they say you can be whatever you want to be. In a world where everyone wants to be a star, we use comedy to explore the experience of battling against the world (and oneself) to keep a dream alive.


Chelsea Frei & Noam Tomaschoff


Chelsea Frei & Noam Tomaschoff


The Focus Group


Chelsea Frei & Noam Tomaschoff


Chelsea Frei, Noam Tomaschoff, Savannah Desormeaux, Campbell Dunsmore, Alex Esola, Ben Getz, Maddie Mahoney, Constantine Malahias, Chris Merlino, Ale Mesa, Peter Molesworth, Yianni Papadimos, Lorena Russi, Dominic Russo, Rachel Sennott, Dejen Tesfagiorgis, & Leanne Velednitsky

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