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Under Pressure

Brazil | Drama | 96m | US Premiere


Saturday, June 23 1:00pm -
Clasen Theater | On Sale Soon


Presented by TV Globo

Tension and relief, death and healing, sadness and joy, fear and overcoming.  Set in a public hospital, Under Pressure portrays the brutal work routine of a medical team.  At a place where people are between life and death, the smallest decision could cause a tragedy or save the day. This makes medical professionals into heroes or villains, who are blessed or cursed.  While faced with the mission to care for the lives in their hands, they must also handle their own problems, torments, and personal demons, which forces them to tread a fine line between sanity and madness. 
The skeptical, pragmatic chief of surgery at the hospital, for instance, is a born leader who can’t be bothered by emotions when it comes to the job.  However, behind the facade of strength is a depressed man, left fragile after his wife died from a car accident, on his own operating table.  Unable to save her, he threw himself into the task of saving as many lives as he can – even if it requires him to take illegal drugs. He’ll do anything to save someone in his care, even if it’s ethically questionable.  
Opposite him is the loving and sweet surgeon  who relies more on emotional and spiritual support than on her scalpel to save patients.  After all, she feels the pain of the cuts she makes during an operation on her own skin. The beautiful doctor frequently cuts herself – a secret kept from everyone behind a facade of balance and normalcy.  In addition to the stress from her work at the hospital, she must cope with her relationship with the chief of surgery – although she is in love with him, she feels like she's competing with his dead wife, who is still a powerful presence and source of pain for him.  
In Under Pressure these doctors must find a balance between the difficulties they face in their work routine and their own personal conflicts.  On a daily basis, they handle cases that are so medically challenging they are forced to second-guess their own beliefs, creating all sorts of dilemmas.  The only constant in their horizon is that lives must be saved, no matter what happens.  Under Pressure is a story of overcoming challenges to find healing.  


Jorge Furtado




Conspiração Filmes, Estudios Globo, & Ana Gabriela


Jorge Furtado


Julio Andrade

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