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Spotlight Your Town

SeriesFest is thrilled to partner with National Geographic and Visible on a brand new initiative, Spotlight Your Town, which aims to empower independent creators to use their art form to spotlight the timely political and social justice issues happening in their hometowns. Spotlight Your Town supports an inclusive group of unscripted storytellers creating authentic, community-driven stories that embody the breadth and diversity of the people and places they represent.


This competition is open to US-based projects only. 

The SeriesFest programming team will review each docu-series submission and work with National Geographic to identify three finalists that fit the company's mission and slate of projects. Submissions are now open.


The 3 Finalists will take part in industry roundtables and be paired with a producer or filmmaker to give feedback on their unscripted project and help finesse their pitch. The Finalists will then have an official pitch and interview with an esteemed jury to get further acquainted with the creators and their skill levels to identify the winning project.

The winning artist(s) will receive a $20,000 grant to be applied to their production as well as an opportunity to pitch to National Geographic Documentary Films and unscripted teams in 1:1 curated meetings as well as receive a 6-month mentorship with Steve James. Additionally, a $10,000 grant will be awarded to a nonprofit organization that aligns with the cause of the winning artists' concept

We do not want the cost of entry to be a barrier for participating in this program. If the price of submission would prevent you from participating, please fill out this form to request a waiver code. 

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Key Dates and Fees

  Early Bird Deadline
Jul 09, 2021
Regular Deadline
Aug 11, 2021
Final Deadline/ Close Submissions
Nov 03, 2021
Standard $30 $50 $70
Student $20 $40 $60
Fees are paid through the submission process.

Entry Materials

Pitch Video
Uploaded as the "trailer", a short video of 5 minutes or less pitching the concept.

Proof of Concept Video
Uploaded as the "film", a short video created to demonstrate series potential and tone of the docu-series idea based on the creator's home town. Proof of concept video should not exceed 15 minutes in length.

A Series Format Deck
A 2-15 page document that includes a log line, series main character descriptions, and a Season One story arch or future episode descriptions.

Submission Fee
See fee schedule above for details.

Please note, entry materials will not be returned.

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